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Our Story

Matthews von Berg Family 2018

Matthews 1812 House was started in 1979 in the family farmhouse by Blaine and Deanna Matthews. Named after the year the house was built, they started with two fruitcakes (and had two small children at the same time)! Soon there were baking racks in the hallways and people sorting apricots and pecans on the dining room table.

In 1991 the business moved to a dedicated facility just a mile from the farmhouse. With a carousel oven (yes, it rotates), and more room, they expanded from their line of specialty cakes into cookies, bars, and other mouth-watering baked goods.

In 2015, Deanna and Blaine retired, and the business moved into my hands. Their younger daughter, I’m now raising two daughters of my own. Having grown up listening to the click clack of my mother typing out order acknowledgements, I’m dedicated to continuing the high standard of customer service that she set so many years ago. We use the highest quality ingredients available, and bake all of our gourmet products in small batches here in beautiful Cornwall, CT.

We are proud to be family owned and operated after more than 35 years. We hope you enjoy tasting our family traditions!

Cynthia Matthews von Berg

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