Matthews 1812 House Gourmet Seedless Red Raspberry Sauce

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Red Raspberry Sauce

10 oz jar

Pure, Fresh Taste

Gourmet Red Raspberry Sauce is a seedless, tart puree of raspberries with a fresh-from-the-vine taste.

Made with only three ingredients- it has a thick, smooth, texture and an intense taste. Vegan and vegetarian. 

It's all natural with a delightfully refreshing taste that complements sweet desserts. We love it on ice cream, cheesecake, crepes, and even when cooking duck! 10 oz jar.


Raspberry Sauce: Raspberries, Sugar, Lemon Juice.

Serving Suggestions

Red Raspberry Sauce is the perfect complement for our Lemon Rum Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur Cake, Apple Brunch Cake and Apple Crumb Torte. Delicious on ice cream, too!