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5 Ways to Dress Up Any Dessert

Sometimes you don't have time to make a special dessert (or time to order one!) so how can you dress up any dessert in a flash? Here are five ways to make any dessert feel extra special:

 1. Dessert Sauce

A gourmet dessert sauce makes any dessert feel more special. We love our Chocolate Bourbon or Caramel Bourbon sauce for this- even vanilla ice cream suddenly feels luxe. You can also drizzle caramel or fruit sauces over a cake or torte before you slice it, or try plating a slice of cake after you've drizzled the plate with sauce, so the sauce sits on the plate under the cake. If you're feeling modern, try the "spoon smudge of sauce" under your dessert. If you don't like the result you can always wipe it off and try again. Thick caramel sauces are best in a zig zag pattern, while a thinner fruit sauce like our raspberry sauce is best as a smear or side accent. You'll have a photo-worthy dessert in no time! 

Chocolat Rum cake with Chocolate Bourbon SauceChocolate Bourbon Sauce


2. Powdered Sugar

A dusting of powdered sugar makes everything look fresh. You can go for a light overall layer, or get more complicated with stencils. You use a lace doily as a stencil, buy cupcake stencils that can be used on any dessert, or cut your own. A simple heart or initial cut out makes quite a statement. Sugar for the win!


3. Fresh Berries

Strawberries, raspberries, whatever fruit is in season makes any dessert seem special. Nestled in them middle of a cake (like the cherries on our Marzipan Cake here), as a border around a cake or pie, or in the corner of each plate, the possibilities are endless. No berries in season? Try a sauce, jam or compote instead. 

Lemon Rum Duo Cakes with RaspberriesMarzipan Cake with Cherries 


4. Whipped Cream

Forget the can, real whipped cream is quick and easy, and so delicious! A dollop of special whipped cream makes everything taste better, from an ice cream sundae to a slice of rich chocolate cake. Check our our recipes for unique whipped cream here.You can also use whipped cream as a frosting, of pipe it onto each plate to make a special design. 


5. Fresh Flowers

Everyone loves fresh flowers! Clip each flower close to the base and nestle it in a dot of frosting, or fill the center of a cake with blossoms. Just be sure to remove before eating!

Fudge Brownie Torte with flower